Factory Seconds

All our kites are hand built in our studio and undergo rigorous quality checks during the production process. 
We are very proud of the level of quality and finish we achieve, and only the very best kites make it to our customers.
Our standards are high, for example, we allow a 2mm tolerance in the sail once it is sewn and a 0.5mm tolerence in the bridle and frame.
If any kite falls short of this standard we consider it a second quality product.
It may also be deemed a second quality item if one or more stitch holes are out of place.

We are happy to release these second quality kites at a reduced price. Their structural quality is sound and they will perform as well as their first quality counterparts. 
They are just shy of our exacting standards and have an small aesthetic flaw.

If you would like to know more about our factory second kites, please email or call us for more information. We are more than happy to discuss the cost and kites with you.