With a smaller depth of sail than most kites on the market today, the Element can combine fast new tricks with old school slow 540’s making it a truly versatile trick kite.

The Element is designed to perform every modern trick possible. Yo-Fades, Crazy- Copters, Taz Machines are all easily attainable. It is also designed to be a very recoverable kite allowing you to push yourself in trick competitions and to try out the latest moves knowing you can escape any mistakes.

The design of the kite allows it to flow through tricks without stopping and the way the kite finish’s a trick sets it up perfectly for the next trick making combinations endless. The trailing edge is shaped specifically to hold the line during tricks in turtle position – Lazies and turtles.

The Element is framed with Aerostuff Blue-S Cross spreaders as standard with the added option of Aerostuff Gold Cross Spreaders for heaver wind pushing the wind range even wider.

Be warned, this kite causes greed… Always allowing you to add just one more rotation… Control yourself.


Wind range
4 – 15 mph



265 grms with 1 x 15 grm tail weight

Icarex PC31

3 point fully adjustable

Skill Level
Intermediate - Expert

Aerostuff Blue-S / P2X

Rec. Lines (not included)
24 – 40m / 25 – 100 kg