Aerostuff Fury . 95

Flown by team AirRex – Winners of 2008 World Sport Kite Championships.


Aerostuff spars are the best in the world.
Framing the Fury in Aerostuff makes it one of, if not the
best competition sport kite on the market today.
Aerostuff say 'let the product do the talking'.
We say - when you fly an Aerostuff Fury you will notice
the improvement in performance along with the
advantages of a light, stiff frame.
The sail is robust and every Aerostuff Fury features
the option to customise the colour scheme to your
personal taste.

The Aerostuff Fury is more rigid and lighter than other
competition sport kites. In both light and strong wind
you feel consistent speed and pull in a wider wind range.
It is also an outstanding kite in gusty wind conditions.

By inserting 6mm spars through the existing spars and
the hollow internal ferrules you have the option of easily
increasing the weight which will also result in
a rock-solid frame.

The vented Aerostuff Fury, as with the Skyshark version,
includes an adjustable Bow Limiter on the back of the
sail. This limits the flex of the frame in strong wind,
reducing pull and increasing the wind range even further.
All of this and the advantages of an Aerostuff frame!

The Aerostuff Fury is built in three versions for different
wind conditions and can also be built to order with a
combination of spars and custom colours.

Super stiff and super light Aerostuff competition frame
Weights and insert fitted as standard to increase stiffness and trick speed
Adjustable Trailing Edge fittings to eliminate line snags
Fitted with Yo-Yo line to enable easy flying whilst 'wrapped-up'
Deep sail design for increased wind range and 'rail-straight tracking'
Fully adjustable bridle to tune the feel, speed and pull to suit your flying style
Double reinforced Cordura nose for frequent nose landings
Included in the Fury bag: spare tip bands, trick line and comprehensive instructions

Aerostuff Fury.95


Icarex PC – 31

3 point adjustable

Skill Level
Beginner to Expert

Rec. Lines
25-40m / 25-225 kg


Ultra Light

215 gms
Wind Range

3 – 15 mph

Aerostuff Blue S or Zen



265 grms
Wind Range
6 – 20mph
Aerostuff Gold


275 grms
Wind Range
9mph – 30mph
Aerostuff Gold