Our range of Accessories has been developed with some of the most talented kite flyers in the world. Used in world class competitions to great effect, accessories enable flyers to cope with the most demanding and difficult conditions.
The accessories are not exclusive to competitors, they are for everyone to enjoy their day on the field more.

Wah Pad Airbrakes
Wah Pads are our unique design of airbrake to fit all sport kites. They are adaptable, able to be positioned in several places on the frame of the kite and contoured to reduce the speed and pull of the wind. Our design is unique as it supports the frame and can Velcro on and off in seconds. They are available in two sizes, Standard and XL and come with instructions.


Flight Straps
Our comfortable range of flight straps are available in three sizes:
Finger strap for small hands, light wind and trick flyers
Medium Straps for all general sport kites flown in medium wind
Contour Straps to provide more support around your hand for larger sport kites and stronger wind

All straps come with adjustable string loops to quickly fine-tune the length of your lines without undoing any tight knots. There are no hard buckles rubbing against your hands and straps are made with quick dry webbing for wet weather use.


High Performance Carbon spars and fittings
We carry a range of spars that are used in the Fury:

Aerostuff spars: are the lightest and most rigid tapered spars in the world. Typically Japanese they are beautifully machined; you only have to hold them to understand how good they are! The ferrule joints are also tapered so you don’t need to glue to construct leading edges and cross spreaders.

Skysharp spars are used in most mid-range sport kites. They new generation P100 series are reinforced throughout so they can be cut and ferruled at any point along the spar. Tough, light and reliable.



A wind and shower proof shelter. 2m high x 3.5m x 3.5m floor space. Packs into 30cm square bag and the pole packs into 110cm long bag. Copied but not bettered.


T-shirts and Hoodies
Not all kite T-shirts are white! Our stylish logo’d T’s and Hoodies are high quality so they last year after year, printed to look good on and off the field. The Hoodies are warm and comfy and have large pockets, ideal for lines and winders.


We also make logo’d windsocks and flags to indicate wind direction wherever you choose to set up camp.