Tim Knowles

Unpredictable Forms of Sound and Motion engages creative contemporary perspectives on automated systems, performance and sculpture.

Knowles’ Windwalk – 5 walks from Charing Cross is a sequence of performances guided solely by the wind. Playfully exploring drawing and narrative, the artist used a helmet-mounted wind vane for direction and traced his steps with GPS device.

Executed in the early hours of the morning and guided by a set of self-authored rules, unpredictable events unfold and Knowles’ route becomes increasingly chaotic and indecisive. Whirling currents bouncing off buildings lead the artist into virtual wind cul-de-sacs of littered plastic bags and swirling leaves with no escape until the wind once again changes its direction.

bitforms gallery 29 West 20th St, New York
January 24th – February 21st 2009

Windwalk number 2, 5 walks from Charing Cross 2008/9
2 inkjet prints, 5 LCD monitors and mixed media object