KRD Research Lab / Milan 2010

KRD Research Lab launched its first project this year during the 2010 Milan furniture fair.


Initiating a guerrilla design installation game, simple lightweight tensioned structures were seductively distributed across the city.


Visitors were challenged in their usual role as design observers to participate by moving the structures to a place where they could serve a better purpose. Exploiting the tensions and barriers between objects, systems and people within the framework of the modern urban landscape, the design hack was intended to inspire civic engagement and creativity.


The structures were photographed in various locations around Milan, placed as add-on elements to existing structures, highlighting the way to sustainable design events and even providing shelter from sun or rain.


The online counterpart of the installation, KRD Research Lab serves as a new innovation platform for Kite Related Design Ltd. to test pre-design ideas through low-fi experimental research. The platform offers the perfect testing ground for new materials and approaches. KRD Research Lab enables visual documentation of innovative processes as well as their results. Images of the installation in Milan are added to the website as they are sent in.


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