Kite Sculptures

A trio of sculptures inspired by mineral samples found in the Arizona desert, we were commissioned by the artists Heather and Ivan Morison to develop and fabricate a new body of work.

Sasha Reading, designer, describes the process of creating the artforms.

The design process derives from the movement of a meteorite through the atmosphere, where the velocity causes matter to deteriorate, thus forming a shape that is larger at the nose and lighter at the tail.

“This process is replicated in the 3D environment using particle dynamics and animation. In the case of the Black Meteor Kite, a solid cube with the front and back panels removed is assigned to a particle emitter, and the particles are emitted in a random formation.
Parameters are set up to have control over the random emission of the box structures; the boxes spin slightly and grow as they move away from the emitter, thus causing the multi faceted meteor effect. The animation is paused and the arrangement is reflected to ensure even flight, then rationalised into a sail layout for cutting.”


Royal Academy photographs courtesy of Haunch of Venison

© Peter Mallet