Radio 1's Big Weekend

Radio 1’s Big Weekend is the biggest free-ticketed event in Europe. It’s the first British music festival of the year and always attracts big UK and worldwide artists. Born out of the incredibly popular ‘One Big Sunday’ – free open-air show with top pop acts – a 100,000 attendance proved that the organisers were onto something good. So it became ‘One Big Weekend’, spanning two days and held under Europe’s biggest capacity tent. And the crowds kept growing. In 2005 a second tent went up and ‘Radio 1’s Big Weekend’ was born. Following this year on year success, Kite Related Design were commissioned to create, manufacture and install 120 flags for the 2007 Big Weekend in Preston’s Moor Park. Undulating through the park and crowning the two giant tents, the flags gave a striking and unique multi-coloured identity to this hugely popular event.